Firewire Chum Lee 5'7" Surfboard - White (USED)


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(USED, good condition)Another wonder from the mind of Dan Mann, the Firewire Chum Lee Helium Surfboard tucks lots of volume into a very rippable template. The Chum Lee fills the gap between groveler and shortboard while adding a super fun travel board to your quiver. A descendant of the popular Potato models from recent years, the Chum Lee shaves off some of the extra fat and injects a faster and looser feeling into your ride.

The Chum Lee offers smooth paddling, clean drops and quick carves all in less than perfect conditions making it the ultimate semi groveler shape. The Chum Lee should be ridden a bit longer so ride your Chum Lee 2”- 3” longer than a Baked Potato or Sweet Potato style board. The added rocker and round tail combined with less width make it super versatile and allow for a seamless transition back to a performance shortboard when the waves are going off. With a thin tail profile and strategic concave the Chum Lee allows for playful precision in day to day surf.


  • Length: 5'7"

  • Width: 22."

  • Thickness: 2.43"

  • Volume: 32.8 Liters

  • Fin Setup: 5 fin 

  • Fin Box: Futures

  • Material: Helium Construction (EPS)

  • Color: White 

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