ECS Boards Australia Bear 7'1" Surfboard - White

ECS Boards Australia

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Carving long turns, speed, and all-round good fun is what this board is designed for. Effortless paddling with old school fish nose blending into a narrower swallow tail for ultimate performance. This board is well suited to the heavier surfer looking to increase wave count and to power through flat sections. A mid-length board that is set up as a dedicated Quad for speed and hold-through turns.  Want to loosen it up for an even more playful feel? No problem, the front fin position is ideal to run a as twin fin also.The board features slight double concave throughout for ultimate speed and deepens into a profound V through the fins for easy rail to rail transition. It has a low rocker profile with enough nose lift to make the drop without any catch through your turns. Suitable for all levels of riders in a range of conditions from waist to overhead.

  • Length: 7'1"

  • Width: 21.75"

  • Thickness: 2.875"

  • Volume: 49 Liters

  • Fin Setup: Quad

  • Fin Box: FCSII

  • Material: EPS/Epoxy 

  • Color: White

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