Algorithm Semi Pro Surfboard - Custom Order

Algorithm Semi Pro Surfboard - Custom Order


  • $785.00
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This super fast, forgiving, user friendly Stubby Shortboard features an overall low rocker and medium single into a deep double concave with a slight vee in the last few inches of the tail for both speed and control. A board that works for the average Joe as well as it works for the best surfer in the lineup, this is the perfect East Coast shortboard for anything from 2ft to 10ft. The tri/quad fin option makes it more versatile for someone wanting a shortboard feel that dominates in all conditions. (Price includes shipping and standard Clear 4x4x4 glassing and 4oz tail patches. Future or FCSII Fins.)

Stock Dimensions: 

  • 5’0x18.75x2.27=22.5L

  • 5’2x19x2.38=24.5L

  • 5’4x19.50x2.44=27L

  • 5’6x19.88x2.50=29L

  • 5’8x20.13x2.61=31.5L

  • 5’9x20.38x2.65=32.5L

  • 5’10x20.57x2.68=34L

  • 5’11x20.75x2.70=35L

  • 6’0x21x2.75=36.5L

  • 6’1x21.19x2.75=37.5L

  • 6’2x21.44x2.80=39L

  • 6’3x21.57x2.82=40L

  • 6’4x21.75x2.88=42L

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