Algorithm Barrel Cuda Surfboard - Custom Order

Algorithm Barrel Cuda Surfboard - Custom Order


  • $785.00
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This high speed fish features a subtle single to double concave with vee running off a slightly deep wide swallow tail. That means it planes across flat faced, mediocre surf with ease as well as holding in steep beach break barrels. The Quad fin cluster increases hold and responsiveness in rounder waves, but allows for steady drive while dropping in on a vertical face. Be ready to get where you want to go on the face of a wave with a relatively flat deck blending into a full round rail. The Barrel Cuda is customized for Ben’s style of surfing that allows him to seamlessly transfer from his go to softtop to his favorite hardboard. (Price includes shipping and standard clear 4 x 4x 4 glassing and 4 oz tail patches. Future or FCSII Fins.)

Stock Dimensions: 

  • 5’0 x 19.50 x 2.38 = 25.5L
  • 5’2x19.75x2.44=28L
  • 5’4x20x2.50=30L
  • 5’6x20.25x2.59=32.5L
  • 5’8x20.50x2.63=34.5L
  • 5’9x20.75x2.67=35.5L
  • 5’10x21x2.67=37L
  • 5’11 x 21.13 x 2.73 = 38.5L
  • 6’0x21.25x2.75=39.5L
  • 6’1x21.38x2.80=41L
  • 6’2x21.50x2.85=42.5L
  • 6’3x21.64x2.88=44L
  • 6’4x21.85x3.00=46.5L

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