Algorithm Backup Surfboard - Custom Order

Algorithm Backup Surfboard - Custom Order


  • $785.00
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The Backup is your surf anytime board geared for small mushy waves. The low rocker and high volume act like 4 wheel drive to keep you riding and having fun. Small and fat but don’t let that fool ya! This board has plenty of rail-to-rail hold, speed through turns, and a pulled-in tail that lets you snap off the top. Once ordered we will reach out to get dimensions and details for your order. (Price includes shipping and standard clear 4 x 4 x 4 glassing and 4 oz tail patches.) 

Stock Dimensions:

  • 5’2X19.75X2.38=27.5L

  • 5’4X20.00X2.50=30L

  • 5’5X20.13X2.54=31L

  • 5’6X20.25X2.57=32L

  • 5’8X20.50X2.64=34.5L

  • 5’9X20.64X2.68=35.5L

  • 5’10 X 20.75 X 2.68= 36.5L

  • 5’11X20.88X2.75=38L

  • 6’0X21X2.75=39L

  • 6’1X21.13X2.88=41.5L

  • 6’2X21.25X2.88=42.5L

  • 6’3X21.50X3.00=45.5L

  • 6’4 X 21.75 X 3.07 = 47.5L

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