Airlie Azalea Egg 7’6" Surfboard - Purple

Airlie Surfboards

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Airlie Surfboards are shaped in Wilmington, NC by local Brennan Stearns, who has been shaping since 2016. Airlie models are geared for waves in North Carolina and along the East Coast. The Azalea is a slightly pulled in egg outline with single to double concave. These boards are great for entry level surfers, but keeps the performance that an intermediate to advanced surfer would enjoy. This board is named after the Azalea flowers that bloom here once a year, and you can also find a festival here in town celebrating these flowers every April.

  • Length: 8'0"

  • Width: 22”

  • Thickness: 2.78"

  • Fin Setup: 2+1

  • Fin Box: Future

  • Material: EPS and Epoxy Resin

  • Color: Purple 

  • Volume: 51.15 Liters

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