Rock-It Surf Chub 4'10" Surfboard - Blue

Rock-It Surf Chub 4'10" Surfboard - Blue

Rock-It Surf

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The Rock-It Chub is a buoyant, easy-to-paddle and maneuverable little twin-fin that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee! This is the perfect board for the little grom learning to shred, and also doubles as a great board to tow behind a boat for freesurfing. Two marine wooden stringers are coated with an epoxy nano-coating to resist water absorption, then surrounded with a proprietary EPS foam and a color-fast and UV resistant soft top layer. The soft top has a wide texture and doesn't require wax, although wax will improve grip. Includes twin fin set.

  • Length: 4'10"

  • Width: 19.5"

  • Thickness: 2.5" 

  • Volume: 35 Liters

  • Fin Setup: Twin

  • Fin Box: FCS

  • Material: EPS Foam

  • Color: Blue

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