Rock-It Surf Baby Jesus 6'0" Surfboard - Blue

Rock-It Surf Baby Jesus 6'0" Surfboard - Blue

Rock-It Surf

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The Rock-It Baby Jesus is a performance soft top for walking on water. With a rounded tail and removable thruster fin setup you will part the seas as you travel through the barrel and emerge like a God. It’s a wave catching machine and great first shortboard for junior, but as soon as it’s double-over knee high Mom and Dad can rise from the dead to paddle out and show the kids how it’s done! Two marine wooden stringers are coated with an epoxy nano-coating to resist water absorption, then surrounded with a proprietary EPS foam and a color-fast and UV resistant soft top layer. The soft top has a wide texture and doesn't require wax, although wax will improve grip. Includes thruster fin set. 

  • Length: 6'0"

  • Width: 19.7"

  • Thickness: 2.75" 

  • Volume: 49 Liters

  • Fin Setup: Thruster

  • Fin Box: FCS

  • Material: EPS Foam

  • Color: Blue

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