POP Board Co. Inflatable Pop Up Dock

POP Board Co.

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Owning your own island now became affordable. The POPUP Dock a.k.a. “The Party Barge,” is a must! From relaxing to raging this multi-use platform is a great addition to anyone’s boat or yacht. Made with the same technology used in POP's award-winning paddle boards, this product is designed to add a more social environment to your day on the water. Includes: Inflatable Dock, Dual-Action & Reversible Hand Pump, Handsfree Carrying Strap, Wide Grip Carrying Handles, 14 Stainless Steel D-Rings on Sides & Bottom Beer Pong Cup Template.

  • Length: 8'

  • Width: 7'

  • Thickness: 8"

  • Volume: 1055 Liters

  • Weight: 49 Pounds

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