Ghostshapes Ghobra 6'4" Surfboard - Blue / Brown Tie Dye


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The Ghobra is a mid-length version of the Gho-2. This board is an all around dream. A favorite because of it's ability to let you in early and backdoor barrel sections. With its added weight and length to plow through the foamball and have you flying out to your next highline. A midlength with smooth curves for pointbreak gliding, small to overhead beachbreaks and all around fun times. Handcrafted in San Diego, California.

  • Length: 6'4"

  • Width: 21"

  • Thickness: 2.6"

  • Volume: 42 Liters

  • Fin Setup: Twin

  • Fin Box: Futures

  • Material: Polyurethane / Polyester

  • Color: Blue & Brown Tie Dye

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