Channel Islands “Neck Beard” 5’9" Surfboard -White (USED)

Channel Islands

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After tinkering with different concepts for most of 2010, Dane Reynolds launched the Neck Beard in early 2011, that became his favorite free-surf board. No longer working to hide volume from the judges like with the Dumpster Diver, Dane let it all hang out with a wider nose and chop tail. With light single concave and vee out the back, this board is faster down the line, has increased rail-to-rail transition, and is more stable when landing airs. Super user-friendly, this is the board Dane grabs when its 1-foot to head-high.

  • Length: 5'9"

  • Width: 19.875”

  • Thickness: 2.4375"

  • Fin Setup: thruster 

  • Fin Box: FCS I

  • Material: Ultra light 4+4/4

  • Color: White

  • Volume: 31.06 Liters 

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