ARC Mundo 6'0" Surfboard with Twin Band

ARC Surfboards

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The current Mundo model is your “one-board quiver” for fun waves. It can be ridden in pretty much any condition you would ride a normal shortboard. You can ride it as a twin, thruster, or quad, as the outline lends itself to all fin setups. The concave is single to double V. It has a low entry and exit rocker to rip down the line. There’s lots of foam under the chest for easy paddling and it will get you into the wave early. Awesome for weaker days, but the pulled in tail has amazing hold when it gets good and gives you that extra performance.

  • Length: 6'0"

  • Width: 20.75"

  • Thickness: 2.7"

  • Volume: 37.9 Liters

  • Fin Setup: 5-Fin

  • Fin Box: Futures

  • Material: EPS Epoxy w/ Twin Band Carbon

  • Color: White & Black

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